Zoe Smith, Ironman Triathlete and multiple Kona Qualifier.

"You've revolutionised my everyday nutrition and improved my race nutrition for the better. All the problems I was suffering with, thinking it was just part and parcel of endurance sport, you have managed to sort out."

Rob Clark.

“ With a few simple changes to my everyday eating I have more energy and am no longer suffering with indigestion. I have also lost weight and feel the best i have felt in years”

M. Buckinghamshire.

"I found Claire to be exceptionally warm, empathic, knowledgeable and open. Having never really discussed my health or relationship with food and nutrition, she couldn't have been more professional and non judgmental.
She respected my own thoughts whilst offering huge amounts of insight, consideration and knowledge. She was able to offer advice and solutions to my health issues whilst giving me so many ideas and options of foods, meals and techniques I could introduce to enhance my health and my relationship with cooking and with food.
Since our meeting Claire has kept a wonderful professional distance ensuring I know that support is always available if I need it. I can't thank you enough for getting me started on a much needed journey and would throughly recommend Claire to anyone."

Nicole Vibrans, Yoga Teacher.

"With coeliacs disease for many years I now suffered with various digestive issues. Claire is a fountain of knowledge and working together we are repairing my gut to be able to live a healthy pain and sickness free life eventually for filling my dreams of becoming triathlete . Thanks you for everything so far may our journey continue to success, Namaste 
Emily Barclay,  Nutrition client.
"I have had a couple of consults with Claire while trying to get my food to help with a hormone imbalance. Her knowledge is second to none, but what I most like is that there is no judgement - every suggestion is explained, so nothing becomes banned, rather you make your future food decisions in an informed manner. I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone wanting help to get their food to work with them rather than against them."

Dawn Charles.

"Last summer I was on a high dosage anti depressant and had been on them for around four years. As well as depression, I was experiencing various unpleasant menopausal symptoms. I sought refuge in Claire, and she was amazing! Within four months I was anti depressant free and all my menopause symptoms had diminished. She was such a great support both then and has been since. I was apprehensive about coming off my anti depressants -I had previously been suicidal every day for two years (I also have had a family history of severe mental illness). Since my first consultation with Claire, life hasn't been easy-like with us all. My dad after a very long illness died six weeks ago, and as the only family member everything from his care to his finances has been down to me. And I have dealt with this calmly and constructively. This I put down to diet and supplements which Claire advised me on. She really gets me, and knows what makes me tick. And even now she always has titbits of information for me. She has empathy, but will also be firm. Claire has with no exaggeration changed my life, both mentally and physically. To be depression and menopausal symptom free just from diet and supplements alone is amazing. From this I have regained my love for cooking. I adore reading up on all things nutrition and looking out for new ingredients and recipe. I'm forever singing Claire's praises to everyone. I couldn't recommend her enough -anything is possible."